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and she said

she cleaned up g.r.e.e.n.

i've always wanted to write a story in the sand...
10 May 1990
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run down by the drunken taxicabs of absolute reality....


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thank u mala! 'cause she knows i love green. :)


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I'm a drama freak - what else can I say. (drama freaks:what ***** thought that up? we're normal ppl too...well almost) Drama people are fun (this does include crews, so please don't feel left out!) and those who don't know that or refuse to realize it; I pity them.

I've got way too much energy in a five foot two, ninety two pound body, let's just put it that way. Sometimes that sort of energy comes out on paper when I draw, on stage when I act or sing (well, try to sing at least), at the stable when I ride, and on the track when I run. But usually on stage because people understand it there (people elsewhere are hard to convince that I'm just energetic).

Thanks to Steph, 'cause she's awesome.